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The Scherzando Affix is justifiably proudly owned by Christine Bridgwater as the ONLY breeder in the UK of WORKING spaniels that has health tested to the maximum for over thirty years and she's now even popped over to the dark side.... and has some silly hairless dogs :-)

In her "proper" dogs she aims for drive, stamina, soundness and long healthy lives. Currently she's into her eighth generation of English Springer Spaniels. She has a keen and practical interest in all working spaniels and retrievers and Christine's affix is well known and respected in many breeds. Christine breeds in order to provide herself with a pup of KNOWN ability, soundness and longevity... NOT for commercial gain. She says "if you think you can make money in correctly breeding dogs.... forget it!" She is breeding less in recent years as her stud dogs have attracted some very nice bitches; pups in lieu of stud fees have been taken. Not to mention that she is getting a bit long in the tooth... she's trying to cut down the work these days... not increase it.

One such stud fee, pet name Healey, is pictured below. She's a fantastic hunting bitch and I have high hopes..

Trial Winner - Shantae's Modesty Blaise - aka Healey

1st Bristol & West Gundog Society Novice Cocker Stake - 10th October 2015


Back on April 10th 2011 BBC's Countryfile programme featured Christine and her working gundogs.

Using only top stud dogs with hunting ability and kind temperament at the top of the list of her requirements, she is very proud of her SCHERZANDO Kennel's reputation for producing hard workers. All Christine's dogs over the age of twelve months have always been hip scored and regularly eye tested.  She now holds annual eye clinics at her home; this saves on petrol and the clinic is also open to anyone else that might like to attend.

All dogs are DNA screened for everything currently possible and, although bred from top competition lines, her dogs make excellent and intelligent companions to old and young alike.




The woman behind the Scherzando Name...

Please take the time to browse the site, there's a lot to see, and read through, and be prepared, as our Christine does not mince her words, she is refreshingly forthright and honest, coupled with an excellant sense of humour (some might say she's as mad as a box of frogs), so enjoy your visit, and expect to smile frequently during your tour. 

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