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 all crossed breeds are merely mongrels - don't kid yourselves they're anything else!!!


I wouldn’t touch a crossbreed with a barge pole. What is the point in deliberately making mongrels? It’s impossible to breed “the best of both breeds” and you could well get “the worst of both”. The Labradoodle was invented as supposed to have none shedding hair, excellent pets for asthmatics.. what tosh. Maybe one or two pups in a litter have the required type of coat - what happens to the pup that turns out to be as loopy as the dippiest Poodle and has the incessant shedding coat of the sloppiest Labrador?

Any breeder that deliberately turns out mongrels for a physical type is a dipstick.  [n.b. it is quite a different thing to want a mix of size and brains which is what the Assistance Dog people do]  What health tests are the idiot brigade doing? The sire's or the dam's? They should test for the associated conditions from each breed – but I bet they do zilch.  Because the pups are mongrels there is no advice offered anywhere.  Another consideration is… as they are “only” mongrels anyway… how do you know what else [as in... what other breeds] might have crept in there? At least with an Accredited Breeder of KC registered dogs you can throw the legal book at them should you ever suspect fraud. DNA checks cost only £15 per dog to prove heritage.

Mongrels are, essentially, worthless. Go to your nearest RSPCA, or Blue Cross, or similar and choose something you think suitable from there and leave a donation to their worthy work. There are enough dumped purebred dogs in the world, never mind mongrels.

The Guide Dogs for the Blind , Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and Assistance Dogs  have breeding programmes, you may or may not know, that deliberately cross certain breeds... BUT they have scrupulous vetting / screening methods before they ever use an animal to produce pups. Guide Dogs for the Blind have been crossing Goldies with Labs for donkeys' years and their depth of knowledge, of their various lines, is vast.  Once born the pups are closely monitored during their early months before ever entering their various training programmes. If they don't make the grade they are carefully re-homed.

Unless a breeder has considerable experience of both I wouldn't cross working lines with show lines in any breed either.   Oooooops - there's another soap box tipped over.  Sorry.

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