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Kennel Club Assured Breeder Inspection 
Passed - 
June 13th 2014
Previously inspection passed 23rd March 2011



 English Springers born 23rd April Hampshire 
ex super working Scherzando dam / by FTAW sire
£900 bitches / £800 dogs
Only black/white bitches are available
Contact 07818 093 244

Cockers born 30th April Hampshire
£1000 per puppy - only males available
Open FTA dam / 2016 Championship winner sire
Contact me in first instance
[email protected]
Photographs available on request

Cockers born 13th May Stoke on Trent
Goldens and roans - boys and girls

Super working sire / dam
Phone 07966 946185 or email [email protected]
Photos available on request

When I have no puppies myself...
...none due...none mated...
I am happy to put other peoples' litters on this website...
only if I can 100% recommend them.
Details are shown above...

I also offer my services to answer any detailed questions about health and husbandry on the breeders' behalf. These people have often used bitches and/or dogs bred or owned by me and they have followed my advice on health testing without the depth of knowledge that I have accumulated over the years.

Once someone has a dog/bitch from me or has used one of my stud dogs
they have my help for as long as they wish

When people buy their puppies from me they get my help (only if required) for the life of the dog. The pups will be KC registered, be from 100% health tested parents and themselves have been vetted, eye tested, microchipped, fully wormed and flea treated. Each puppy comes with individual breed information and comprehensive instructions on feeding, training and exercise.

If the person selling you a puppy cannot offer the same service, look elsewhere.
My ESS pups sell for around £900, Cockers a little more...
 Not bad for a puppy AND me ad infinitum?

You do get what you pay for, usually! If you want cheap you'll find it, but at your own risk.






Assured Breeder near Wickham

01329 833868   [email protected]

Mandy may not have many litters of puppies but she is likely to know of others in this area.
I no longer have any Labradors.
Mandy shows her dogs that also work regularly in the shooting season







 Litters from previous years...


                 English Springer Spaniels                         Cocker Spaniels


Holly and her 2012 pups on the left    and    Maddy with her 2009 litter on the right



Holly and her one week olds in the whelping area

Nearly three weeks old and they are regularly spending time in the house, to socialise, and get used to noises
Normally they could also be out in the garden... but it is just too wet and windy

They tried their first chicken carcass today... they are already stealing Mum's tripe (below)

Above, Holly's puppies at the yeuchy stage 3 - 4 weeks





Pictures of the Stud dogs with details of their health certificates on the Stud Dog Page.


I do not always have pups. However, I might well know where there might be others that I could recommend

Even if you live at the opposite end of the UK - there are still good people about

Enid Lake on the Isle of Skye*
* n.b. Scottish dogs CANNOT be docked as the practise is completely illegal there

Or if it's a particular spaniel you're after I can always e-mail the Meon Valley Club Members around the UK

Telephone 44 (0) 1962 793152 email [email protected]





A verse or two......


Do I Go Home Today?


My new family brought me home, all cradled in their arms

They cuddled me and smiled at me, said I was one most charmed

They played with me and laughed with me and showered me with toys

I sure did love my family, ’specially the girls and boys.

The children loved to feed me, and they gave me special treats

They even let me sleep with them, all snuggled in their sheets.

I used to go for walks with them, oft’ several times a day

They even fought to hold the leash, I'm very proud to say.

These are the things I'll ne’er forget - a cherished memory

’cos now I’m in a shelter, without my family.

 * * *

They used to laugh and praise me when I played with that old shoe

But they never told the difference between the old ones and the new.

The kids and I would grab a rag, for hours we would tug

So I thought I’d done the right thing when I chewed the bedroom rug.

They said that I had lost control and would have to live outside

This I never understood, although I tried and tried.

The walks all stopped and, one by one, they said they had no time

I wish I could have changed things, I wish I’d known my crime.

 * * *

My life became so lonely in that backyard on a chain

I barked and barked the whole day long, to stop from going insane.

So they brought me to this shelter, embarrassed when asked why.

They said I’d caused an allergy and then kissed me goodbye

If only I'd had classes, when I’d still been just a pup

I was never hard to handle, I was only growing up.

"He only has the one day left," I heard the kennel maid say.

Hurrah !! Hurrah!! A second chance? Do I go home today?





English Springer Spaniels...

English Springer Puppies - born May 2012 


My English Springer spaniel pups are born from fully accredited and working parents so are therefore docked and dew clawed. In the past I have been happy  for my pups to go to “pet” homes… as long as they are loved and looked after that is, as a breeder, all that I can ask for. However in this ridiculously politically correct world I do now have to try to ensure they go to a home where they may be trained and allowed to do what they do best. It is impossible for me to dictate anything once the pups have left me... but new owners must at least "hope" to work their new spaniel.

Working bred ESS pups make very active pets if you raise them around the house and family. Far more so than their show bred cousins, as the working breds are (generally speaking) more anxious to learn and desperately willing to please. So, if you are often out and about and/or have active holidays then go ahead with purchasing a working-bred puppy. If you want a quieter life you need a show-bred dog. There will always be exceptions to the rule - some show bred dogs will work quite well and some working bred Springers end up as total couch potatoes... but the great majority, if correctly bred, are true to their family's genes!

The sex of a pup makes NO difference as far as working or pet goes. Males are the same 365 days of the year. Bitches come into season twice a year. As in women - this can cause dramatic mood swings or not change her one tiny bit. A bitch may have a considerable discharge but keep herself immaculately clean or may have hardly any discharge and not clean herself at all so will make a mess. For approximately three weeks the in-season bitch cannot go anywhere where there may be an uncontrolled entire dog. That is a darned nuisance if she comes into season just as you want to take her shooting or, in the summer, go on a family holiday with her. You might then be swayed by a Vet to have her neutered simply for human convenience. You wouldn’t do that to your daughter now would you?   There is, with both sexes, going to be an adolescent period but, provided you keep on top of it, that’s the only extra effort that is required. Some adolescents never show the slightest sign of being a “Kevin”, others will test you for months by being a general nuisance.

If there is no intention of breeding I would recommend that people have a dog.  My favourite all-time canine was a black and white ESS bitch born in 1985, my other favourite spaniels have all been males....

If you do intend breeding – my puppies are genetically clear of various conditions so you wouldn’t have to have those particular DNA blood tests done. They have their KC registration papers endorsed "progeny ineligible for registration". The endorsement will be lifted as soon as the pup is hip scored and eye tested.

Price of the puppies includes the cost of docking/ dew claw removal (certificates provided) microchipping and an early injection. Additionally the pups will ALL be screened for congenital eye defects on by Ian Mason at seven weeks old.

Reserving a Puppy:-  To confirm interest and to reserve a puppy I take a £100 deposit which is only refundable should you not like me or the pups when you visit. You may express a preference for sex and/or colour but I do not allow any one to choose individual puppies until the temperaments start to show. I reserve the right to choose the most suitable puppy for the prospective owner/s and NOT to sell a puppy at all if I don't think you're right for each other (this has very rarely happened).


  All five ready to go to the Vet for microchips and cuddles -  then having a cuddle when you get there (these Vets are nice!)






Cocker Spaniels...  these are puppies born April 2011. Milo isn't mine but he visits often..


                                 Maddy                                                                          Milo




N.B. We are happy to hold puppies until 12 weeks of age if required. Second injection can be given when you take the pup to your own Vet to be checked over...

Golden Retrievers.....

This is Biba, above, with her 2009 litter (my last litter)
Biba's registered name is Scherzando Libra  (by S Remus of Merryway) 
S Libra's brother [S Pisces] won Norfolk Gundog's 24 dog A/V Open in 2009 - what a boy!
Sire is Earnsfield Reeve **see below

Both parents low hip scores and clear eye certificates - Biba is also Optigen tested for PRA

All puppies Front Lined, well wormed, microchipped and a first injection before leaving. Also eye tested clear of congenital abnormality.

 **  Reeve is litter brother to the 2006 IGL Championship Winner FTCh Marcus Maybe of Wadesmill, then five years old, he was the first golden retriever to win since 1982. Owned by Max Wright from Hertfordshire, and handled by his son Andrew.

Disappointingly, Marcus is not used at Stud. The reason for his owner not wanting to use him, is that Marcus has polarised cataracts. This type of cataract does not lead to blindness and Marcus, himself, continues to lead a full and active, happy working life. You wouldn't know he had anything wrong with his sight as his peripheral vision is excellent. It does mean, however, that there is a chance that my puppies may be carriers of the Polarised Cataract gene. Meanwhile, in this politically correct mad world, I am determined to use the best dogs I can and would happily have used Marcus knowing that in a couple of years there will be DNA screening for Polarised Cataracts and it will be easy to ensure it is stopped going further. By then Marcus will no longer be with us.




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