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Specialist Doggie Day Care and Training
Some pets are really stressed when left all day at even the best Boarding Kennels. How about an alternative in beautiful rural Hampshire. Perhaps we could offer care as a member of the family?

I have to say that I am not a Boarding Kennel. I am not licensed for that purpose. However, I am fully insured to care for your dog and also have a current Canine First Aid Certificate.
The law is vague and there is no legal definition of "boarding". At the moment Winchester Council takes the view that day care is a grey area and they will be looking into some form of licensing in the future, in order for them to oversee a high standard of canine care at all levels.

I can only board if dogs come in for Training, as then my charges are for my time as the trainer, not exclusively for the boarding.  I offer dog training in Ringcraft (all breeds), Gundog work (only gundog breeds) and Basic Obedience (all breeds).
Ad hoc single days' training can only cover Basics; good manners in and out of the house, heelwork, social skills etc.
All dogs live in the house, sleeping on plenty of bean bags or baskets with Vetbed, in the kitchen.
I can offer a limited number of kennels for gundogs that prefer outdoor accommodation.
In my home the dogs will be under constant supervision - educational play and mental stimulation for the youngsters or total relaxation for OAPs
No dog leaves here unhappy - that is a promise. 

"Parents" can go off safe in the knowledge that their babies are in the best hands... 




......although they can come home a bit muddy (ahem)

..... some of our older visitors prefer to curl up and sleep all day 
Your dog can lie curled up on a beanbag by the Aga, stretch out sun bathing on the lawn or under a tree.
 Foxy in her favourite place on the patio....                         Simba arranges her vet bed on the doggie deckchair..
There is an especially created playground where my Cresteds love to sunbathe..
that's if they manage to interrupt the playing of visitors   
 Toby the Terrier always has the best spot
*****   Follow these links to watch the dogs on Youtube!!  *****
Fun in the playground
Fun in the paddock
Splashing in the paddle pool
Giant breeds can also have a great time in the paddock
The back door stays open so that he or she can choose to be indoors, play on the doggie decking or scamper around the large garden chasing everything from balls to butterflies. There is often a child or two to play with and always plenty of toys, tripe sticks or fresh marrow bones to choose from.
Our Papillon, and Chinese Cresteds are housepets and are there to welcome all  -  VERY LOUDLY.... ( sorry)
Depending on the guests, the place resembles anything from a St Trinians College day trip led by Jagger, to a Derby & Joan Convention...... or even (heaven forbid) a Club 18 - 30 Resort.
You tell me what makes your pet feel most comfortable. I can provide a taxi service for your pet to and from home and my regular "guests" always look forward to visiting their little but noisy pals at this Country Club for Canines. Whether they visit over several weeks or a single day..  all owners become friends of the family and collections and deliveries can often turn into social occasions! Especially on a sunny summers day on the patio with a bottle of wine...
Basic day rates...   increase from 1st April 2016
I always charge for day of arrival but not the day of departure if collected by 10.30 
Giant £22 / Large £20 / Med £18 / Small £16 / Toy £14
You can drop your dog wih me anytime from 0700 and collect anytime until 1900 Mon - Fri
Weekends are very flexible, simply call first 
I am always around, we can arrange a mutually convenient time on the phone together even on a Sunday.

Your dog’s normal routine honoured; feeding, grooming, medication.

Special needs for elderly or disabled animals can be catered for

Inspections welcome - References available

Vaccination certificates required for checking on first visit please
Fleas and worms - please, please, please make sure your dog has had his/her treatments kept up to date.
My dogs are flea free but not everyone takes regular care of their pets... 
The odd visitor here arrives in a haze of their own "lodgers"

For safety, dogs will not have free exercise off the lead away from the home
but can expect various trips - for example to the Pub or the River

I reserve the right to rest and/or feed a mischief maker in a separate "indoor kennel" in the kitchen!
I have to admit that my Cresteds all come under this heading...
Bitches in season will always be kept and exercised seperately from entire dogs

Finally... when you've arranged a time to drop off or collect your pet...
...please do your best to stick to it as other dogs may be kept waiting for their walkies or ball games...





To see what fun we have, go to the Gallery and check out
Scherzando Pet Holi Woli days

Would you like to treat your pet to a special pampering ??
I use a professional dog grooming/clipping service 

The Dog Room, Waltham Chase

Thoroughly recommended for all breeds - hand stripping a speciality - by Karen Gamblin

Telephone 01489 892272 (Mob 07710 622881)




On the odd occasion that I manage to squeeze in a few hours, or days, away.. I have a wonderful local lady, Juliette Rogers, who takes care of my dogs. She can move in full time or just help me out during the day.

I also have to thank the fantastic Mrs Nina Byles MBE who has helped me for over ten years. Nina is an International Show Judge, her greatest passion being Dalmatians... although an English Springer and a naughty Papillon live with her and husband Sim. Nina spent many years with Ted Edgar's show jumping yard so a big stroppy dog pulling on a lead is very easily managed. Nina used to travel all over the UK, House and Dog Sitting, but now stays close to home; fantastic for me. She is supposed to be retired, but can't keep away!


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