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The Kennel Club are demanding more and more tests from Assured Breeders, I feel it is all in the interests of the pupies so am happy to comply... at the minute. I did find taking photos of the inside of my pantry, spare dog beds and canine first aid kit was taking things a bit far...

Depending on the breed you can expect to pay a minimum of £800 for an English Springer from fully health tested parents.  Remember, there is so much more red tape surrounding docking - making chipping of a docked puppy a legal requirement... Vets charge for everything from scissor work to paperwork.  Then simply add the cost of the early injection...   

Labrador puppies also start at around the same price up to six months of age, especially if fully vaccinated and microchipped.  Possibly well over £1000 these days...

Around £1000 minimum for Cocker puppies. Prices are going up dramatically all the time although you will always be able to find a "cheap" dog somewhere but maybe with no real guarantees... Rarer breeds [and/or colours] will always command higher prices. If you are prepared to travel to Wales or to head north you may find lower prices. Not all puppy farmers live in Wales! 

Adults can be at least three or four times this depending on the level of training. More for bitches than dogs, as they immediately recoup their cost if bred from. Occasionally part trained dogs are available. 

In retrievers you should expect that hip and eye certificates be provided if buying anything over one year old. Never pay a fortune for a peg dog without seeing it on a shoot day and actually at the peg. Equally don't expect to take a fully trained spaniel home on "approval" as you could ruin it in a very short time - which is hardly the fault of the original trainer. You must ask to see everything demonstrated to you that you think you might possibly need... and then it's up to you to keep the dog up to standard!





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