Breeding fully health tested gundogs since 1983

My Stud Dogs...

All my stud dogs are suitable for use by Kennel Club Assured Breeders.

I screen/health test all my dogs, many way beyond the Kennel Club AB requirements.


They are all DNA profiled

Stud fees are payable in full at time of mating on a no pups - free return basis 

I recommend two matings over three days.

If your bitch is fully health tested and of exceptional breeding I may ask  for a puppy in lieu of fee

My dogs featured in BBC's Countryfile programme in April 2011 



Skipper - Dark Yellow Labrador (fox red)

Stud Fee £600

Hips 3:4

Elbows 0

BVA eyes clear  Optigen DNA tested clear for PRA, Narcolepsy and Oculo Skeletal Dysplasia - Inherited RD/OSD

AHT DNA tested clear Centronuclear Myopathy

By Gamegetting Grouse Scherzando ex Flashmount lines bitch





 Still Man Roy Scherzando   (aka Ted)

DNA tested clear PRA (Optigen) AMS and FN (Laboklin)
BVA current clear eye certificate including Gonioscopy
Hips 9:8  Has produced various colour pups

Stud Fee £600


Valnew Ronaldo  (aka Ronnie)
Son of Ted (above)     Standing at Stud in Four Marks

Hereditarily clear PRA and FN
BVA current clear eye certificate including Gonioscopy
Hip score pending

This picture does not do Ronnie justice... he has excellent conformation.
Lives as a pet but hunts / retrieves beautifully.

Stud Fee £600 but will only be payable when his first bitch is confirmed in whelp.



 Scherzando Howard 
(aka Ollie) 

PRA / Fuco clear 
Hips 4:4 
Current Clear Eye Certificate including Gonioscopy 

 Stud Fee £500 


I recommend The Book of the Bitch by J M Evans and Kay White to first time b

Contact me for more details and photographs
Copies of Pedigrees and their hip / eye certificates supplied on request

                                                       Lament of a Stud Dog....

Author unknown

My job is making puppies
and I get two tries at that.
They pat me on the head, say "Good Lad".
and that is that.

Its only half my job to give 'em
Drive and pace and t'others
Remember, tis only half my job...
They also have a mother.

It's not my job to carry pups
to nurse 'em... make 'em strong.
That's for their mum, the owner too
with this there's ne'er a wrong.

It's not my job to wean 'em
to feed 'em wholesome food
With exercise and kind handling
They'll be a cracking brood.

It's not my job to plan the breeding,
to learn which lines are best,
To study pedigrees, what's in there?
Which lines will stand the test?

It's not my job to guarantee Champs,
The breeder picks the pair,
To mate and whelp and feed and train,
And hope that wins are there.

It's not my job to be on hand
When cards are handed out.
The breeder, owner, dam and friends
Take credit with a shout.

MY job to deliver winners ?!
But it's only genes I sell.
Hah!!  Let the puppies turn out bad?
Just guess who catches Hell??

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