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One to One Training

Christine does not hold private training classes BUT is a trainer with a couple of groups. She has been "guest" trainer for many Clubs at home and overseas and is a KC Approved Presenter of Field Trial Rules and Regulations.

Wherever you go, expect to pay a private trainer from £30 per half hour session or £10 each per group class per hour, plus travel expenses. Watch out for cowboys; there are LOADS out there. I have never seen such an explosion of people calling themselves Gundog Trainers and claiming all sorts of accreditation. Some have superb websites, some can't even spell. Some are firmly in the "bull s**t baffles brains" camp. Some can't string two words together. They all know how to charge a fortune for their time.

Various Kennel Club associated Societies hold Training Classes that are run by enthusiastic and experienced people. The trainers might not be THE best in the universe but they might just point you in the right direction before you start spending megabucks. I started with the Chiltern and the Mid Sussex. I will be forever grateful to them, and these Clubs only charge a few pounds per session.

Contact the Kennel Club for all details 

There are also several non affiliated Societies... but you'll have to ask around for those. For example, The Essex Get Together used to have brilliant trainers, probably still have?

Gundog Training

Christine no longer takes in gundogs for training. Wherever you go, boarding alone could be £200 per week. Remember a peg dog's training should be geared to finish in the shooting season. No dog can be proven steady unless you have seen a practical demonstration of the end product i.e. doing the job you will want him to do and IN THE FIELD. Again... watch out for cowboys - there are EVEN MORE IDIOTS out there! Why not buy a fully trained dog and see what you're getting? Yes it might sound like a lot of money but it is a buyers market and if the dog isn't what you want or you don't like the dog or if you don't like the person selling it - take your money elsewhere! Easy peasy.



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